Wednesday, 7 July 2021

How do you want to be remembered?


It is the middle of the year and you are wondering where did time go? You have come to a realisation, the past 6 months of 2021 have gone quickly and you are not on track meeting your goals.  Take time out. Now that we in Sydney are in lock down it is time to go within ourselves.  In our  daily lives  we all try to feel loved,  respected  and connected by  participating,  talking, acting with our loved ones , peers  and various circles .  We hope that our family, peers do not notice our shadows.  No matter what our circumstances are we will ultimately be known or remembered by our intent, and actions. How we live our talk, not by how we would like to known for. It is our actions that define us.

Now is a good opportunity to reflect on this. How do you want to be known or remembered? What effect do you want to create in hearts and minds of other? How do you want to contribute to the evolution of this planet conscious? How do you inspire compassion, love? How can you be of service to others? How can you bring joy into your life? When you are enthusiastic and love your life you are more willing to help others.

Why reflect on how we want to be known?

To help this planet to evolve to higher consciousness, we all have a part to play. Encourage people to have bigger dreams, explore and try new things. Do not belittle people: loved ones, peers, acquaintances. Otherwise this will lead to stagnation. Humans tend to give when there is joy and enthusiasm in their lives. Encourage this.


Using the guardian angel for the today (Jul 7 -11), reflect on what makes you happy. Are you doing what you love? What can you do to bring more joy, love into your life? If you love reading books make time to read a chapter or one page of a book least once a week. Incorporate things that you love in your daily life.  Reflect on how you can achieve your “Big Dreams”. Reflect on what you can change in your life to connect to your dream.   Create a plan for the next 6 months. Visualise and feel what would you like happening in your life in 6 months times. Remember your feelings from your meditation when you are down. 


Know that by shining your light you become an inspiration to others. Not so that they copy you so that that they too can be an aspiration and a light to others. Understand that honouring yourself is not being selfish, you are growing and making a difference to yourself, community and the world. As a result the community and the world grow with the expression of your own personal talents, power and presence that inspires others to create and contribute in the community and the world.


Friday, 11 June 2021

Connect to Your Personal Angels

The One day workshop: Connect to Your Personal Angels
         Live with Joy and Intention

  Why Do it?

This workshop will help you get a better understanding of your purpose and yourself. Encourage you to live with joy by and intention.

Connecting with Angels is a powerful and great way to accelerate the inner growth of your soul. All you need to do is to invoke the angels and to ask for their guidance and assistance.

Why invoke the angels?

Firstly because of the "Law of Free Will" angels  can do nothing unless you ask.

Secondly our greatest fear is realising  our greatness and  being arrogant.  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us.” (Marianne Williamson).  Working with angels will help us overcome that fear. They will help you see your greatness, help you connect to your Divine light and helps you manifest your greatness with love. “Playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others”. (Marianne Williamson). As we accept and embrace our greatness we encourage hope, cooperation, love and compassion, to ourselves, family, community and the world.

The Angels what do they do?

The angels of the Kambalah Tree of Life, are the messengers of the Divine whom we can ask for assistance to help us connect to our Divine gifts. They are also living Beings of Light and each angel has the attributes of the Divine. Their purpose is to support us in the journey towards ourselves and connect us with the Light we all carry within us. They also help us realise that we have the attributes of the Divine within us and we are all interconnected and we are one.  The angels can assist us in making a  positive difference in our communities and the world.

           The  workshop                                                 

The workshop will focus on the attributes of your personal angels of the Kambalah Tree of life. 

         The Purpose of the workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to connect you with your personal angels.  Look at how the angels interface and work together to support you so that you can manifest the Light within you. How you can have a better relationship with the angels and connect to your Divine aspect within yourself. To know thyself better.

Why is it important to know yourself better?

Knowing yourself better allows you to be independent of the opinions of others. When you know what works for you - what is good for you, and what is not , understand your patterns, it does not matter what others might think and advise. By knowing who you are and what you stand for in life, can help to give you a strong sense of self-confidence, and knowing that your life matters and you have a mission. In the process you will overcome your fear of your own greatness, because you have connected to your Divine Light.

Obtaining tickets for the workshop

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Numerology: 2019 Universal ‘3’ Year . “Speak Your Truth”

How to Calculate the Universal Year:
Add the individual numbers of the current year together, like this:
2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12
Then reduce again:
1+ 2 = 3
2019 is a 3 Universal Year
All of us will begin to feel this energy starting January 1, 2019 and the effect will end on December 31, 2019.

The 3 Universal Years: What it’s all about.
2019 is a 3 energy year. It’s also the final year of the teens for this century, suggesting that we enter a new level of awareness into adulthood, as the 20’s unfold.
Last century, when we entered the roaring 20s the energy of 3 occurred in 1920. Same energy, but different number sequence. Again similar issues were faced. New Technology being implemented, woman’s right were being reviewed, the beginning of consumerism,  debates  between the merits of conserving natural resources and permitting industry to tap into the national wealth. For Australia it was the beginning of the modern age.  Looking back we might be able to see what happened, foresee what could happen and learn from the mistakes.

For now let’s look at what the 3 Universal Year is about. The number 3 energy is a vibration of creative self-expression and emotional sensitivity. It is an energy that encourages joy, optimism, social engagement and communication.

The main focus of the number 3 is to inspire and uplift others. We are encouraged to trust our intuitive self, follow our dreams and speak our truth. The mantra we can use for the 3 Universal Year is to speak your truth. But in order to do so, you have to know what your truth” is—and it’s not just an uninformed opinion or a reaction to the latest headlines.

What does it mean to know our truth? How do we hold on to our own truth while allowing others to have theirs? How do we express our beliefs and stand up for ourselves when our values don’t align with someone else’s? How do we discern the difference between “truth” and “values”? Or “truth” and “integrity”? Or “truth” and “dogma”? These are valid questions, if we are to achieve an inspirational, creative 2019 and prepare us for new changes that will be happening in the decade of the 2020s.

We can discern these differences by making it our intention for the year to connect with our soul purpose and visualise a higher vision of our lives, our leaders and the world. Do not allow negativity to take us off balance. Communicate with clarity what we want. Connect to our heart. Our heart has the answers. Our heart promotes love.

2019 is the year where honesty, integrity, and authentic communication will drive us to stand up, speak up and be an advocate for change. 

Through the Vibration of the Number 3 and its creative/expressive qualities, this will be a year to challenge our ‘inner-dialogue’ and find ways to nurture and care ourselves/others in a gentler, caring and life affirming ways.   It will be a year where we maybe become a little more warrior like, and through grace we can joyfully replace irrational and limiting thoughts/beliefs, with healthy, constructive ways of communication.
It is the year to connect to our soul purpose, expanding our horizons, taking risks and leading with our hearts. 
A look at 1920.
1920 has the same numbers as 2019, which gives you the energy of 3. The energy that encourages change. When we look at history, the 1920s is the only decade in American history with a widely applied nickname, and our collective fascination with this era continues. It was a decade of innovation and cultural milestones. The Great War has just finished, and it was the time when the teenage years of the 20th century have finished, and the adult period of the 20th started.

In a book (1920. The Year that Made the Decade Roar) written by Eric Burns, writes about the year 1920. He states that 1920 was not, a peaceful time. There were acts of terrorism happening in America. While 1920 is thought of as starting a prosperous era, for most people, life had never been more unaffordable. Meanwhile, African Americans were putting their stamp on culture, women rights reviewed. From prohibition to immigration, the birth of jazz, etc. 1920 was truly a year like no other.

New Technology being implemented, the
beginning of
consumerism,  prohibition, politicians making backroom deals with oil interest, debates began between the merits of conserving natural resources and permitting industry to tap into the USA’s national wealth .(

For Australia it was the beginning of the modern age. 1920 Australian politics was dominated by the conservative parties and, despite some industrial discontent and hardship, the economy was prosperous and expanding. Australian society was experiencing changes and new development in many fields. It was the time of questioning and changing old values and behaviours and enjoying the new life.  There were technology advances, the feeling of isolation were reduced, better communication and the population increased. (

When we look at 2019, we are again at a cornerstone of new changes. Historically similar things are happening. We again are living in a non-peaceful world. We are questioning our leaders, we worry about climate change, woman are still discriminated, there are still acts of terrorism happening around the world, technology is still changing but we are questioning those changes. Are the changes for the better? We question our leader’s integrity – in government and corporate world. What we decide to do this year can influence, just like 1920, the outlook of the 21st Century.

The challengers of the energy of 3.
The Glamour: Excessive spending, all night partying, consumerism – all these glamour’s may at the time feel like we are expressing our new found freedom through the number 3, but in fact the effects serve only to get us more deeply in debt, health issues and mental/emotional turmoil.

With so many creative opportunities availing themselves to be birthed and expressed during 2019, putting your finger in too many projects, starting too many projects, spreading your time and energy thinly will not only scatter your energy but also may mean nothing actually gets off the ground or even completed during 2019.    Stay focus, and be guided by nature and the wisdom of intuition for the right time of action and the right time of rest.

The creative and expressive vibrant energy of 3 comes into full force when we let go of control and surrender to the desire of our hearts.  That means opening up and being seen in 2019.   All that revealing may bring up feelings of vulnerability, worry about what others may think of us, and the sensitive emotional nature of the number 3 may seem to spin out of control.
2019 is calling us to step into something bigger.This is a playful, visionary, joyful, creative and expressive year.  2019 is a year of getting back in touch with our inner values, the beauty in life, the joyful experiences of life that seek to connect us.   There is no hiding in a Universal 3 year, the spotlight is illuminating the dark shadows that exist, but also offers creative solutions.2019 will herald a major shakeup within people, a freedom to seek and shine their own personal gifts so collectively we can create a world more beautiful through our hearts.It is the year to connect to our soul purpose, expanding our horizons, taking risks and leading with our hearts.
What we decide to do this year can influence, just like 1920, the outlook of the 21st
Century. Let’s hope that history, will see 2019, the beginning of a new age of higher awareness where humanity has started  a journey of really working with soul, bringing heaven to earth.